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From the list below, please select the name of support representative that you are working with. For the best experience, please call our support phone number by calling 315.484.4500. A representative will route your service request to the appropriate support engineer.
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About our Remote Support Service
By clicking on the name of the support representative below, or by entering a session key, you will be initiating a secure connection with one of our support staff. This session will enable them to see your screen or take control of your system. Please close any confidential information prior to initiating a remote support session.

When you initiate the remote session, a small piece of software (Bomgar client) will be downloaded to your system and installed. It is this software that allows our representative to view and control your system. This connection is encrypted to ensure no data transmitted between your system and our representative is compromised.

You have the ability terminate the session at any time. To do so, click on the “B” icon in the lower right had corner of your screen (by the clock) and select “Uninstall”. Please remember that your mouse takes priority over the remote representatives.

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9 - Craig Molnar
69 - Matt Miklacic
127 - Montgomery Steinman

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